Tidy Aphrodite

Tidy Aphrodite

Eclipse Home Decor, LLC – Creative Director 2009- Present

Eclipse Home Decor LLC manufactures and designs house-ware products under sub brand names such as Tidy Aphrodite. The below samples show a range of sale sheets to actual product development and packaging. I have been the creative director with eclipse for the last 5 years. Concepting, mocking-up and production of the of each product and its packaging. Trendy pattern cleaning products that have a fun and light feel for the home. These products have been sold in national retail outlets in the U.S. such as Pier 1, Hobby Lobby, and Homegoods.

-Design of patterns and packaging for cleaning utensils for sub brand Tidy Aphrodite..

-Layout and design all marketing materials IE. catalogs sales sheets website.




We create client relationships and diversify our products to meet their expectations. As art director I work directly with the client and our manufacturing facility to make sure our product fits the stores prcess and style trends for that season.

We manufacture a multiude of cleaning products with 2 different brands. Brushes, brooms, Aprons and much more makes up each line. Each item is specifically design for current trends and colors of the house ware & Fashion industry.